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Faithful & Co. Membership Program

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Faithful & Co Membership Program

I love Faithful's designs and always look forward to the new releases so this membership was a no brainer! With the credits and free shipping, I can easily treat myself every month. Great bang for your buck!

Jocelyn W.

Membership Perks

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    Sign Up Store Credits

    Receive $10 in store credits immediately when you sign up.

  • Monthly Store Credits icon

    Monthly Store Credits

    $10 in store credit automatically applied to your membership account every month.

  • Free Shipping icon

    Free Shipping

    Get free shipping on any order of 2 or more items.

Membership Program Overview

Here are all the perks of being a member


  • $5 per month
  • $10 monthly credit to use on anything
  • Free shipping on orders of 2 or more items
  • Cancel or pause easily anytime

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